Dysmorphia, Frame by frame animation, Procreate, 2021
I’ve struggled with low self esteem since I was young.
Throughout my life I’ve been commonly told that I’m ‘too skinny’ or ‘need to gain weight’ and it always made me feel some type of way. Being an active child who enjoyed staying busy, I’ve fluctuated between 100-120 lbs since high school. Kid lyd knew that between dance, bike riding, and marching band she was healthy and eating regular meals.

Was being skinny something to be ashamed of?...I would spend hours in the mirror looking down at my pubescent hips, knees, and ass riddled with stretch marks and feel torn on my view of myself. I consciously avoided situations where people could see my stretch marks, and even started to feel a sense of bitterness and shame toward myself for not being able to simply love my body outright.

My life experiences in the past few years have triggered more of these feelings and behaviors from my past. I’m now being forced to face my self image demons. It was never about weight itself but rather a matter of my self confidence and mental health. I’m working on exploring the practice of self love in hopes that more days than not, I can be comfortable in my own skin. ✨
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